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Desirable residences with direct access to the beach at Rustington on the South Coast uk

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Millfield Overstrand Estate starting as Victorian farmland, the 6 acres was purchased by the London Metropolitan Asylums Board to build a Children's Convalescent Home, which they opened in 1903. It functioned successfully until 1939 Wartime came, the Home was closed and the children were sent away. The buildings were commandeered by the Ministry of Defence and became an army Barracks until 1944. After the end of the war the buildings stood idle and derelict for the next 14 years and were eventually pulled down in 1958. The site was purchased by land developers in 1960 and the estate was built by Wimpeys between 1963 to 1965.

Links to Local services:

  1. The Sussex Wildlife Trust was formed in 1961, and is now the largest conservation organisation dedicated to conserving the natural heritage of Sussex.

  2. Rustington Parish Council Local Information

  3. West Sussex Gazette Your local county paper

  4. Littlehampton Gazette Local Littlehampton town paper

  5. The Argus Local evening paper. News, sports and leisure activities, schools, businesses, and other local resources.

  6. Old Post Cards   Old Post cards of Littlehampton from the Early 19th Century.


The South Downs are the southern remnant of the Wealden dome which itself was laid down sixty million years ago as a shallow sea: the rock is composed of the microscopic skeletons of plankton which lived in the sea, hence its colour. The rock has many fossils, and bands of flint occur throughout the formation. Erosion has removed the central part of the dome, leaving the South Downs as the outer southern uplands, the North Downs being its counterpart, as shown on the diagram. The harder rock, and the highest remaining part of the dome, is the Weald. The chalk, being porous, allows water to soak through; as a result there are many winterbournes along the northern edge..

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Rustington people

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  • My Garden Diary My Garden Diary while working on the gardens at Millfield Overstrand Rustington West Sussex. All images are from the garden and over the sea wall
  • JM Barrie, author of Peter Pan and artist Graham Sutherland among others resided in Rustington.
  • The film If.... was written on the village's Sea Estate, in a house belonging to the mother of the film director Lindsay Anderson.
  • Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe (1900-1996) was an English landscape architect, garden designer, Architect and author. Grew up in the village.
  • Hubert Parry's music to 'Jerusalem' was written there.
  • Brian White(born 1902; died 1984) was a British cartoonist, creating 'The Nipper' for the Daily Mail between 1933 and 1947. spent much of his later life here.
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    Rustington museum

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